Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Raising A Smile With Aquafresh

Red Nose Day is almost upon us, are you all set for Friday? Whether your donning a signature nose, sitting in a bath tub of baked beans, or popping some spare change into a box, it has never been easier to donate to this brilliant cause. 

Now, I always have every intention of pulling something out of the bag to raise the funds, but I can't fib to you all, time does get away with me. Which is why I love the fact that Aquafresh will be donating 10p from every pack of toothpaste sold to Red Nose Day. I mean, how great is that? They've done all the hard work for me and I can still feel happy with the fact I have donated. Good vibes all round! 

Donation aside, there is another little addition to your Red Nose Day toothpaste too, there's the chance to win a Bonkers Brush Timer.... I know what you're thinking, "Pardon? A what now?" 

A Bonkers Brush Timer is a very helpful little fellow who makes the task of teeth brushing a lot more enjoyable. I know from my experience when my daughter is over tired and teething, even mentioning the words teeth or brush result in a full blown, Oscar winning meltdown. It wasn't until I introduced her to our Bonkers Brush Timer that suddenly, teeth brushing was a hilarious event and now she grins and squeals "Teeeeeeeeeeeeeth" why she spies him, perched next to the toothbrushes. 

So what does this little guy actually do I can hear you thinking. Well, once all your toothbrushes are loaded with a good amount of Aquafresh Complete Care toothpaste, press the Bonkers Brush Timer and it will time you for two minutes of totally bonkers brushing, with toe tapping jingles, encouragement and count downs, all the way until your brushing is over! Now, once you've completed that, your tots, and even your own teeth have been cleaned properly and throughly for the correct amount of time needed in a super easy way! 
I can only say for myself here, but I know for a fact I brush my teeth a tad shy of the standard two minutes, and I know some people who take well over five minutes.... whilst leaving the tap running.... (huge pet peeve of mine, if you're one of those people, stop it now!) 

But anyway, I digress.. With thanks to Aquafresh and their comical Bonkers Brush Timer,  I can now breath easy and know that my family and I can grin our biggest grins with some well cared for teeth, which have also raised a smile for somebody else out there too! 

Have a look for the special packs of Aquafresh toothpaste, with a 10p donation to Red Nose Day, available in your local supermarkets, Boots and Superdrug. You can also take a look at their website here.

For more information about Red Nose Day, take a look at their website here 

Are any of you doing anything to raise some funds? I'd love to know XO 

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